Roundtable on ‘The Radical Potential of Abstraction’

At an informal roundtable on ‘The Radical Potential of Abstraction’, six artists shared their views on the radical potential of abstraction.  The event was held on Wednesday 23 September 2015, upstairs from Hell’s Kitchen, Melbourne, Australia.

Trevelyan Clay
John Nixon
Karena Keys
Christopher L G Hill
Stephen Bram
Natasha Madden


The Expanding and Contracting Universe of Painting: A roundtable. Tuesday 9 June 2015


‘The Expanding and Contracting Universe of Painting’ was a roundtable discussion about the specificity of contemporary painting practices that are proximal to sculptural and installation practices.

Links to each speaker’s audio below:

Brooke Babington
Jan Bryant
Gabriel Curtin
Ry Haskings
Helen Johnson
Annika Koops
Nell Pearson
Lucina Lane
Lisa Radford
Bryan Spier
Nick Selenitsch
Masato Takasaka